St Andrews Links

St Andrews Links Trophy 2018

Friday 8th June 2018 - Sunday 10th June 2018
Championship Tees, New

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Gross LeaderboardLatestAfterR1 CSS 73R2 CSS 74R3 CSS 74R4 CSS 75TotalPar
1st John Murphy Kinsale Golf Club LEVEL 18*70667171278 (won by playoff)-8
2nd Joey Savoie Canada LEVEL 18*73676773280-8
3rd Christo Lamprecht South Africa LEVEL 18*70677173281-7
3rd Sandy Scott Nairn Golf Club LEVEL 18*70726676284-7
3rd David Hague Malton & Norton Golf Club LEVEL 18*70677176284-7
6th Haydn Barron Australia LEVEL 18*71716770279-6
6th Zan Luka Stirn Slovenia LEVEL 18*73696780289-6
8th Jannik de Bruyn Germany LEVEL 18*71716868278-5
8th Jake Burnage Saunton Golf Club LEVEL 18*71697069279-5
8th Laird Shepherd Rye Golf Club LEVEL 18*70657570280-5
8th Matias Honkala Finland LEVEL 18*68727071281-5
8th Gian-Marco Petrozzi Trentham Golf Club LEVEL 18*74686871281-5
8th Matthew Jordan Royal Liverpool Golf Club LEVEL 18*71716874284-5
8th Daniel O'Loughlin Ruddington Grange Golf Club LEVEL 18*75686778288-5
15th Pierre Mazier France LEVEL 18*71707069280-4
15th Andrew Wilson Darlington Golf Club LEVEL 18*69727072283-4
15th William Heffernan Australia LEVEL 18*73706875286-4
15th Matty Lamb Hexham Golf Club LEVEL 18*72706978289-4
19th Jonathan Yates Naas Golf Club LEVEL 18*70707271283-3
19th Euan Walker Kilmarnock (Barassie) Golf Club LEVEL 18*68737171283-3
19th David Micheluzzi Australia LEVEL 18*72707072284-3
19th Thomas Forster Elton Furze Golf Club LEVEL 18*71726972284-3
19th Tom Sloman Taunton & Pickeridge Golf Club LEVEL 18*69737073285-3
19th Jamie Li Cumberwell Park Golf Club LEVEL 18*71687374286-3
19th Jake Hapgood Southerndown Golf Club LEVEL 18*70736974286-3
19th Gisli Sveinbergsson Iceland LEVEL 18*69737078290-3
27th Lukas Lipold Austria LEVEL 18*73707071284-2
27th Stuart Easton Irvine Golf Club LEVEL 18*75677172285-2
27th Taylor Carter Hanover Golf Club (Now Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh) LEVEL 18*71707272285-2
27th Jack Cope The Players Club LEVEL 18*69717372285-2
27th Hugo Bernard Canada LEVEL 18*71727075288-2
27th Olly Huggins Frilford Heath Golf Club LEVEL 18*67757177290-2
33rd Mitch Waite Filton Golf Club LEVEL 18*71707373287-1
34th Nick Poppleton Wath Golf Club LEVEL 18*70727375290LEVEL
34th Therion Nel South Africa LEVEL 18*75687277292LEVEL
34th Matias Lezcano Argentina LEVEL 18*71727281296LEVEL
37th Aman Gupta USA LEVEL 18*7470144+1
37th Clement Charmasson France LEVEL 18*7470144+1
37th Malcolm Mitchell South Africa LEVEL 18*7470144+1
37th Will Miles USA LEVEL 18*7371144+1
37th Harry Goddard Hanbury Manor Golf Club LEVEL 18*7371144+1
37th George Bloor Cavendish Golf Club LEVEL 18*7371144+1
37th Jovan Rebula South Africa LEVEL 18*7371144+1
37th Kyle Michel Australia LEVEL 18*7272144+1
37th Marc Hammer Germany LEVEL 18*7272144+1
37th Jarle Volden Norway LEVEL 18*7272144+1
37th David Ravetto France LEVEL 18*7173144+1
37th Robin Dawson Tramore Golf Club LEVEL 18*7173144+1
37th Jamie Stewart Old Course Ranfurly Golf Club Ltd LEVEL 18*7173144+1
37th Ben Hutchinson Howley Hall Golf Club LEVEL 18*7173144+1
37th Nick Bachem Germany LEVEL 18*6975144+1
37th Tiarnan McLarnon Massereene Golf Club LEVEL 18*6975144+1
37th Rayhan Thomas India LEVEL 18*6975144+1
37th Jake Bolton Ogbourne Downs Golf Club LEVEL 18*6876144+1
37th Thomas Plumb Yeovil Golf Club LEVEL 18*68737572288+1
37th Kieran Cantley Liberton Golf Club LEVEL 18*70737372288+1
37th Matt Saulez South Africa LEVEL 18*72717375291+1
37th Hamish Brown Denmark LEVEL 18*73697476292+1
37th Luca Filippi South Africa LEVEL 18*68747477293+1
60th Bjarki Petursson Iceland LEVEL 18*7669145+2
60th David Langley Castle Royle Golf & Country Club LEVEL 18*7669145+2
60th Blake Collyer Australia LEVEL 18*7471145+2
60th Oskar Ambrosius Denmark LEVEL 18*7471145+2
60th Rowan Lester Hermitage Golf Club LEVEL 18*7471145+2
60th Billy McKenzie Rowlands Castle Golf Club LEVEL 18*7471145+2
60th Dylan Perry Australia LEVEL 18*7372145+2
60th Daniel Hillier New Zealand LEVEL 18*7273145+2
60th Michael Hirmer Germany LEVEL 18*7174145+2
60th Lukas Michel Australia LEVEL 18*7075145+2
60th Robin Williams Peterborough Milton Golf Club LEVEL 18*71717576293+2
60th Jiri Zuska Czech Republic LEVEL 18*72707577294+2
72nd Joao Girao Portugal LEVEL 18*8066146+3
72nd Tim Harry Vale of Glamorgan Hotel Golf & Spa Resort LEVEL 18*7571146+3
72nd Joshua McMahon Wallasey Golf Club LEVEL 18*7571146+3
72nd Lewys Sanges Newport (Gwent) Golf Club LEVEL 18*7472146+3
72nd Oliver Farrell Evesham Golf Club LEVEL 18*7472146+3
72nd Alexander Frances Denmark LEVEL 18*7373146+3
72nd Todd Clements Braintree Golf Club LEVEL 18*7373146+3
72nd Lucas Abrial France LEVEL 18*7373146+3
72nd Alex Gleeson Castle Golf Club LEVEL 18*7274146+3
72nd Sam Locke Stonehaven Golf Club LEVEL 18*7274146+3
72nd John Pak USA LEVEL 18*7274146+3
72nd Philip Bootsma Netherlands LEVEL 18*7175146+3
72nd Jack Gaunt Drayton Park Golf Club LEVEL 18*7175146+3
85th Gaelen Trew Wentworth Golf Club LEVEL 18*7770147+4
85th Bailey Gill Lindrick Golf Club LEVEL 18*7671147+4
85th Graysen Huff USA LEVEL 18*7671147+4
85th Victor Veyret France LEVEL 18*7572147+4
85th Wilco Nienaber South Africa LEVEL 18*7572147+4
85th Charlie Dann Australia LEVEL 18*7572147+4
85th Ayoub Id Omar Morocco LEVEL 18*7473147+4
85th Luca Denk Austria LEVEL 18*7473147+4
85th Caolan Rafferty Dundalk Golf Club LEVEL 18*7374147+4
85th Luke Brown New Zealand LEVEL 18*7374147+4
85th John Axelsen Denmark LEVEL 18*7275147+4
85th Rory Franssen Auchterarder Golf Club LEVEL 18*7077147+4
97th Pavan Sagoo Ealing Golf Club LEVEL 18*7969148+5
97th Josh Armstrong Australia LEVEL 18*7870148+5
97th Jeong weon Ko France LEVEL 18*7771148+5
97th Timo Vahlenkamp Germany LEVEL 18*7771148+5
97th Chris Crisologo Canada LEVEL 18*7771148+5
97th Pierre Pineau France LEVEL 18*7672148+5
97th Matias Sanchez Australia LEVEL 18*7573148+5
97th Santeri Lehesmaa Finland LEVEL 18*7573148+5
97th Stephen Roger Peebles Golf Club LEVEL 18*7474148+5
97th Darcy Brereton Australia LEVEL 18*7375148+5
97th Jake Whelan Republic of Ireland LEVEL 18*7078148+5
108th Vasco Alves Portugal LEVEL 18*7772149+6
108th Mark Hutson New Zealand LEVEL 18*7673149+6
108th Chris Woollam South Africa LEVEL 18*7574149+6
108th Ben Chamberlain Padeswood & Buckley Golf Club LEVEL 18*7574149+6
108th Issa Abou El Ela Egypt LEVEL 18*7475149+6
108th Lucas Becht Belgium LEVEL 18*7277149+6
108th Aron Juliusson Iceland LEVEL 18*7277149+6
115th Darren Howie Peebles Golf Club LEVEL 18*7971150+7
115th Shae Wools-Cobb Australia LEVEL 18*7872150+7
115th Alex Fitzpatrick Hallamshire Golf Club LEVEL 18*7872150+7
115th Vitor Londot Lopes Portugal LEVEL 18*7773150+7
115th John Paterson New Golf Club St Andrews LEVEL 18*7773150+7
115th Ronan Mullarney Ireland LEVEL 18*7476150+7
115th Jediah Morgan Australia LEVEL 18*7179150+7
122nd John Gough Stoke Park Club LEVEL 18*8170151+8
122nd Calum Fyfe Cawder Golf Club LEVEL 18*8071151+8
122nd Clayton Mansfield South Africa LEVEL 18*7972151+8
122nd Max Martin Harborne Golf Club LEVEL 18*7576151+8
122nd Benjamin Jones Northamptonshire County Golf Club LEVEL 18*7477151+8
122nd Garrick Higgo South Africa LEVEL 18*7477151+8
122nd Pierre Junior Verlaar Netherlands LEVEL 18*6982151+8
129th Simon Zach Czech Republic LEVEL 18*7973152+9
129th Matthew Clark Kilmacolm Golf Club LEVEL 18*7775152+9
129th David Rauch Germany LEVEL 18*7676152+9
129th Martin Contini Argentina LEVEL 18*7676152+9
129th Barry Anderson Royal Dublin LEVEL 18*7577152+9
129th Conor Purcell Portmarnock Golf Club LEVEL 18*7478152+9
135th Alex Hietala Finland LEVEL 18*7776153+10
135th Mats Markovits Netherlands LEVEL 18*7776153+10
137th Claudio Consul Germany LEVEL 18*7579154+11
137th Ben Ferguson Australia LEVEL 18*7381154+11
139th Jayden Trey Schaper South Africa LEVEL 18*7580155+12
140th Rhodri Price New Golf Club St Andrews LEVEL 18*8076156+13
141st Andres Schonbaum Argentina LEVEL 18*8275157+14
142nd Marcos Montenegro Argentina LEVEL 18*DQ  
142nd Callum Farr Northamptonshire County Golf Club LEVEL 18*74DQ  
142nd Joe Long Lansdown Golf Club WITHDRAWN77WD  

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